Jocelyn De Backere graduated from the Material Art and Design program at the Ontario College of Art and Design in the spring of 2005. Prior to her graduation, she spent one year at OCAD's Florence satellite campus completing an Advanced Visual Studies Certificate. Jocelyn currently lives in Hamilton where she builds sculptural vessels that challenge the traditional definition of the bottle, creating dynamic forms.

Artist Statement

My work explores the form, gesture and balance of the human figure; addressing the physical and psychological issues surrounding it. Pushing the characteristics of traditional pottery forms, my sculptural vessels become vitalized. By pushing the bottle form - extending the neck, emphasizing the belly or elevating the foot - my vessels take on the qualities of humans and/or animals. The images applied to the vessels serve to either highlight segments of internal anatomy or reference external coverings such as clothing.

I have always been interested in the deformations and imperfections of the human body and how individuals perceive themselves and others. My pieces often look slightly unbalanced, distorted or disturbing. This is because the internal view of one's own body is often twisted every little imperfection exaggerated until it seems massive.

-Jocelyn De Backere

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